Appropriate disposal of all types of electronic scrap by using state-of-the-art technology. It all starts with professional disposal consulting.                                                  

Purchase and Sale of Precious Metals

Dealing in precious metals is our secondary professional field. We buy and sell precious metals, analysis and valuation of precious metals are implemented with the highest possible standards either via postal service or on-site.

Research and Development

In an effort to guarantee a high recycling rate to our customers we are always exploring new path to improve these processes and reduce emission at the same time. We feel responsible for preserving the environment and introducing the harvested metals to the raw-material cycle.


Latest news

From businesses to private owners – we buy your neodymium magnets at the current daily rate. Our prices are based on the stock market value at the time of purchase. This will ensure you that your Nd-magnets yield a market-relevant profit. As neodymium magnets recycling specialists, we are able to purchase all type of magnets, regardless in which devices or systems they are installed. Whether they came from headphones, microphones, medical technology or wind turbines; we are able to recycle your neodymium magnets and we will offer you the best possible price at the time of purchase.
Tantalum is a rare, hard, quite flexible transitional material with a light-grey sheen. It does not get hard and brittle unless it is combined with water and nitrogen. Due to its oxide layer, it is acid and lye resistant.
We buy anode and cathode waste from lithium ion battery production. We have developed a patented procedure for separating production related nickel, cobalt and manganese scraps from cathodes. The fractions derived, such as NMC powder and Aluminum can be reintroduced to diverse production processes. Therefore we can offer the manufacturer a cost reduction in producing lithium ion batteries.