E-Recycling Electronic Scraps and Obsolete Electronic Appliances

Long-Term Experience in the E-Recycling Field

Lars Walch GmbH & Co KG can reflect on more than 19 years of successful experience in the E-Recycling field. Especially in the core business field for processing circuit boards with different classifications, Lars Walch GmbH & Co. KG is the best contact for you.

Use of State-Of-The-Art Technology

State-of-the-art equipment that meets the most current technology standard is used for processing the materials in an effort to satisfy our customers‘ high-level requirements. In order to maintain this standard,  Lars Walch GmbH & Co. KG continuously participates in diverse research projects.

Manual dismantling of electronic scraps is advantageous.

Differentiating from the more cost-effective "shredder technology", manual dismantling of electronic scraps enables the extraction of noxious components without further contaminating other components.

The incidental “secondary materials“ derived during the manual dismantling process are separate, uncontaminated and for the most part, can be reintegrated to the cycle without a high processing effort.

We achieve a very high reusability quota of 99% with our dismantling process. Therefore we meet an above average processing compliance rate pursuant to §12, paragraph 3  Electric / Electronic Equipment Code ElektroG, which results in optimal preservation of the environment.

Manual processing is expensive, but it is indispensable for appropriately removing hazardous materials and adequately protecting nature from significant damages.

Consulting Services

Appropriate disposal requires familiarity with the statutory provisions. We are offering extensive and competent disposal consulting services to all of our customers, regardless whether they are communities, industries or private sector customers.

We analyze the problem together with the customer and document it in an Ist-analysis. Thereafter we will prepare a customized disposal concept based on the situation and the statutory provisions.

Due to our competency in the recycling field, we are the perfect contact partner for you.



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